Allum Manor is the trading name of the Elstree, Borehamwood and District Community Association.

Conditions of Hire of the Allum Manor Hall

  1. APPLICATIONS: All applications for hire shall be made to Allum Manor (previously known as Elstree, Borehamwood & District Community Association). Applications by persons under the age of 18 will NOT be accepted. The person signing the booking form will be deemed to be the hirer and will adhere to all conditions of the hiring. Any organisation mentioned on the booking form will also be deemed to be the hirer and the liability of the organisation and person signing the form shall be joint and several. Sub Letting is not permitted.
  2. EQUALITY: The hirer is expected to ensure that nothing occurs during or in consequence of their hire which would prejudice Allum Manor’s obligations under the acts concerning gender, race, religion, sex or disability. Allum Manor reserves the right to cancel any booking which appears likely to breach these acts.
  3. RIGHT TO TERMINATE; Allum Manor reserves the right to cancel, by notice to the hirer, any booking at any time. Allum Manor will return or refund any charges paid in respect of that hiring but shall not be liable to pay compensation.
  4. TERMS OF PAYMENT; A deposit of 25% of the total charge in respect of each booking must accompany the application. This can be made by bank transfer, debit card (in person in the office or over the phone), cheque or cash (only in person in the office) with the balance due on or before the date on the front of this form. In addition, a refundable deposit of £200, as security against damages, will also be required 10 days prior to the hire
  5. LOSS OF DEPOSIT: In the event of the cancellation of a booking by the hirer more than 6 months before the hire date 50% of the deposit will be refunded. Between 3-6 months 50% will be refunded if someone else books Allum Hall for this date. If less than 3 months the deposit will be forfeit.
    1. No alteration shall be made to the furniture, equipment or fixtures without the written consent of the Centre Manager or Deputy.
    2. Sellotape, staples, drawing pins, Sticky backed Velcro or other similar items must not be used for decorations or posters etc. as they will damage the fabric of the building. Any Blu tack or Sellotape on the furniture must be removed before the hirer leaves.
    3. No article of an inflammable nature may be brought into any part of the hall. This includes Calor Gas bottles (Calor Gas bottles may be used outside of the building on the patio area).
    4. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the floor. Chairs and tables must be lifted and NOT dragged across the floor.
    5. The hirer shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all persons on the premises or its immediate surround as a result of their hire and shall take all necessary action to prevent any disturbance either on or when leaving the hall or immediate surroundings. The doors from the hall leading to the patio must be kept closed when music is being played.
    6. Any caterer or bar service employed or operated by the hirer shall ensure that the kitchen and lounge area are left in a clean and tidy condition. Allum Manor recommends that any caterer used should be checked by the hirer on the government food hygiene website.
    7. Allum Manor accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to articles left on the premises by the hirer and any furniture or equipment, remains the responsibility of the hirer until it is collected by the company from which it was hired.
    8. All fire exits and entrances must remain free from obstruction at all times to conform with fire regulations.
    9. Allum Manor accepts no responsibility and will pay no compensation in the event of the hirer suffering loss or damage on account of the failure of lighting, power or heating or other equipment.
    10. Allum Manor reserves the right to refuse admission to, or remove from, the premises any person without stating the reason.
    11. Any coverings on tables or chairs plus anything put on tables (drink bottles etc.) must be removed at the end of the function
    12. Two large waste bins will be available for the hirer. Any additional rubbish must be taken away by the Hirer. 
  7. LICENCES: The actions of the hirer shall not cause any infringement of any conditions of the licences held by the Allum Manor. Allum Manor have taken out a licence with the Performing Rights Society Ltd. to cover all musical works in the repertoire of the Society. The hire shall comply with the conditions of the licence. The hirer will permit an authorised agent of the Society to have a free right of entry to all public performances. Within 24 hours of a performance a list must be compiled showing all music performed and returned to the Allum Manor. The hirer shall also comply with all provisions of the Copyright Act 1956 in relation to performances or the use of copyright works or materials at Allum Manor premises. The hirer shall indemnify Allum Manor from and against all actions, proceedings, costs or claims arising out of failure to do so. No excisable liquor shall be sold or offered for sale on the premises unless the hirer obtains the necessary Temporary Event Notice from Hertsmere Borough Council.
  8. DAMAGE TO ALLUM MANOR PROPERTY: The hirer shall repay to Allum Manor on demand the cost of reinstating any part of the premises or any property of the Allum Manor therein which shall be damaged, destroyed or removed during the period of hire or arising out of the said hire. If the Damage Deposit is insufficient further claims will be made. Should the kitchens not be left in a clean condition any additional cost of cleaning will be taken from the damages deposit.
  9. INDEMNITY AGAINST CLAIMS: In addition to the indemnity required under Clause 7 of these conditions of the hire the hirer shall indemnify Allum Manor against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the death or injury of any person or loss of or damage to property which shall occur during the period of hire or arising out of the hire.
  10. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: No electrical equipment of any kind may be brought onto and used on the premises without the permission of the Head Caretaker, Centre Manager or Deputy Centre Manager.
  11. MUSIC: All music must cease 30 minutes before the agreed finish time.
  12. VEHICULAR ACCESS: Hirers are requested to ensure that all vehicles are properly parked in the marked spaces provided, that vehicles are not driven onto the grass or footpaths and that parking does not take place in the turning spaces so marked or in the Caretaker’s spaces or other reserved spaces.
  13. NOISE: The Hall is in a residential area and noise must be kept to a minimum. All music must be played through the HiFi system at Allum Manor. This is linked to a noise limiter which automatically regulates sound to the maximum level required by Hertsmere Borough Council. This ensures that your music will not be cut off during your event.